General Terms & Conditions

Last updated 23 August 2020 



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When do we collect data from you? 

We collect data from you when you make bookings on or through any service application that is affiliated with or advertised by us. We also collect information about your preferences from your interaction with our service staff and special requests made by you via our communication channels.  

How do we use the data provided by you?

We use your data exclusively for the fulfilment of our hairdressing service and any other product or service you have requested or booked. We will administer and relay the data to our staff who will make arrangements to fulfil our part of the service. 

Who do we share your information with? 

To the extent necessary, we will share your information with third parties such as payment providers and our operating staff in order to fulfil our service or handle any additional requests. We use these Third parties solely for the intentions and purposes described in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 


Section 1 - General

  1. 1 Terms of Service

Please ensure that you read the Terms of Service carefully. By engaging Mobile Barber you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our Terms of Service and any other component mentioned therein. Those especially include Mobile Barber’s Privacy Policy and Booking Policy. 


In general, all components of Mobile Barber's services shall constitute a legally binding agreement between Mobile Barber and its contractual partner. The contractual partner is the party, person or any institution therein that books the services of Mobile Barber and its representatives. Such representatives include Mobile Barber's employees, such as barbers, trainers and client managers and to a certain extent external parties such as payment or software providers with whom Mobile Barber has a contractual agreement.  


  1. 2 Amendments

Mobile Barber reserves the right to amend the Terms of Service. Prior to engagement of any service rendered by Mobile Barber, it is the user’s responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions, Booking Policy and Privacy Policy.


Should such amendments contain significant deviations from its ordinary course of business, Mobile Barber will exercise their duty that such changes are communicated via its website or any other official communication channels.


Otherwise, amendments to the Terms of Service are considered effective once they are retrievable on the website under the tab 'Privacy Policy' or any other tab, feed or page displayed.

  1. 3 Components

Mobile Barber is a company based in Singapore that provides personal hair dressing services primarily in home-based environments. Mobile Barber also offers training, coaching sessions and consultations via its training academy Mobile Barber Academy. Depending on the type of service, the services are supplied by Mobile Barber or via Third Party providers. In this case, Mobile Barber’s role is limited to linking the user with the third party provider in question. The role of the Third Party is restricted to the fulfilment of the service in question only. Mobile Barber is not liable for any breach, misconduct or negligence by the third party. The Third Party shall not represent to be an agent, affiliate or employee of Mobile Barber. Barbers representing Mobile Barber are not considered Third Party providers but employees or operating staff. Barber Trainers are third parties under contract with Mobile Barber.

Mobile Barber's operations consist primarily to the home-based hair dressing services together with activities prior to service, such as confirmation and reminders, during fulfilment and post-service, such as reviews and feedback systems. Activities also include the collection of payments made by you and other customers when booking Mobile Barber's services. 

By agreeing to Mobile Barber, the contract refers to the legal entity of Mobile Barber, consisting of its core-team, employees and operating staff. In the following paragraphs, the term Mobile Barber can be replaced by the pronouns “We” or “Us”.


  1. 4 Terms

Service: The term 'Service' includes any form of personal hairdressing service that is offered by Mobile Barber and booked through the website 'Service' also applies to training, coaching sessions and consultations under Mobile Barber Academy. 


Mobile Barber


Booking Policy: The Booking Policy refers to the rules and terms of appointment bookings made by users on the website.


Privacy Policy: Our Privacy Policy explains how we treat the personal data of users and protect the user’s privacy while using our services. By using our Services, you also agree to our Privacy Policy.


Haircuts: The term 'Haircuts' refers to the personal, home-based hair-dressing services offered by Mobile Barber through the website


Communication: The term communication can refer to any internal or external method of information and message transmission necessary for daily conduct of our service. Official communication channels include mediums such as email, text messages or threads using applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram with accounts that are linked to Mobile Barber or any of its authorised affiliates.


Section 2 - Representations & Warranties

By booking our service, you represent/warrant that:

2.1 Usage

(A) You have the legal capacity to enter into an Agreement;

(B) That you are at least eighteen (18) years old. If you are not 18 years old or if you don’t have legal capacity, you have to be represented by a parent or legal guardian;

(C) You will pay any outstanding amount for the specified services in a timely manner via the payment methods provided by Mobile Barber.

(D) You will use our service only for its intended and lawful purpose;

(E) You will not attempt to interrupt, harm, or disrupt the services by Mobile Barber;

(G) You will not attempt to harm any software or applications associated with the services.

(G) You will not cause any disturbance or willful damage or harm to other users, employees or representatives of Mobile Barber.

(H) You will not modify, exploit, or alter the services provided by Mobile Barber for your own commercial purposes without permission or an official agreement by Mobile Barber.


2.2 Warranty of information

(A) That the information you provide is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge;

(B) You agree to keep any personal information related to the usage of Mobile Barber such as account information, login and payment information safe and confidential;

(C) You agree to notify Mobile Barber immediately in the event of any unauthorised use of your account or any other breach of security.  

(D) You understand that Mobile Barber will rely on the information provided by you as complete and accurate and make arrangements based on this information.


Section 3 - Booking Policy

3.1 Booking 

The Booking Policy outlines the rules and conditions related to the booking of our services through the website.

(A) Ratification of Booking Policy

When you make a booking with us, it is mandatory that you agree to our Booking Policy. Please read our Booking Policy carefully before making any booking with us. Mobile Barber reserves the right to exclude or refuse service to parties if they do not adhere to the Booking Policy.

Bookings occur through the website only.

3.2 Booking terms

(A) Timeframe

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance to the preferred physical appointment date. Bookings of Barber Courses can be made after acceptance and confirmation of acceptance of the applicant. 

(B) Presence & validation

In general, the fulfilment of Mobile Barber Services requires you to be physically present. You must be present in person at the time and location specified in the booking summary or any other place specified by Mobile Barber team members and affiliates. 

If deemed necessary, Mobile Barber will ask for verification of identity or a booking reference.

In the event of the customer’s non-appearance the booking will be deemed cancelled and the full amount of the service will be charged.

(C) Cancellation and refund

Cancellations and refunds are subject to the rules and conditions set out in the Refund Policy.

Once a booking is made, it is generally non-refundable.

Cancellations made after the payment are subject to a cancellation fee not exceeding 10% of the service price. Upon deduction of the cancellation fee, the remaining amount shall be transferred back within a time frame not exceeding five (5) working days.

(D) Cancellation by Mobile Barber

 In the event of cancellation from our side, the amount paid will be fully refunded. The refunded amount only includes the amount that was paid by you in advance and prior to the time of cancellation. Any prior or subsequent payments non-relatable to the cancelled service will not be subject of the refund policy. 


3.4 Payment by Customer

The Customer will pay for The Barber’s services via cashless option through the website. Payment will only be accepted on the booking page on the website before any services by the Barber will be administered.

Booking tool

Customers are to only book appointments through the website: or as stipulated otherwise by the company

Any complaints that the Customer shall have regarding the services provided by the barber shall be taken up by the Customer via the provided communication channels of The Company or with the barber directly. Following this, the company will take actions accordingly


The Company retains the right to suspend the processing of any transaction where it reasonably believes that the transaction may be fraudulent, illegal or involves any criminal activity or where it reasonably believes the Customer to be in breach of the relevant Terms and Conditions between the Customer and the Company. In such an event, the Barber shall not hold the Company liable for any withholding of, delay in, suspension of or cancellation of, any payment to the Barber.


Section 4 - Privacy Policy

Mobile Barber respects your privacy and ensures that your data and personal information will not be disclosed to any third party that is not listed or described in our Privacy Policy. Your data may be processed by Third Parties as outlined in our Privacy Policy ('Third Parties'). Your data will not be disclosed to any other party without prior notification or consent. By making bookings through Mobile Barber and its websites and applications, you also agree to our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy, Mobile Barber reserves the right to refuse or retain the services offered as subject to Mobile Barbers General Terms and Conditions. Notification, retention, access and transfer of personal data is subject to the data protection regime as stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPC).

4.1 Personal information

(A) How we receive data from you

Mobile Barber receives personal information from you primarily through:

Bookings of the Barber Services through our website

Communications and requests for customer support including technical and administrative assistance;

4.2 Type of data

The types of data we collect directly from you may include: Name, address, phone number and email address – and any optional information provided by you.

We also receive personal data through your payment method (such as credit or debit card, or bank account information), payment terms, purchase amount, date of purchase or any refund

4.3 Processing of data

(A) Usage

The data given by you will be processed by Mobile Barber or another Third Party that may be carrying out services in the name of Mobile Barber.

Personal data such as name, phone number and address will be communicated internally to employees when deemed necessary for the conduct of business activities.

Mobile Barber reserves the right to send you notifications, offers, rewards, or information on important updates via phone, email or any other official communication channel. Mobile Barber may use personal data for internal purposes, such as communication to operating staff but also to support marketing and promotional activities. Personal data may also be used to obtain information on demographics and location and for purposes to improve our services and to facilitate operating decisions that are necessary for the ordinary conduct of business. Personal information also includes names, booking date and pictures taken with your permission. Mobile Barber will under no circumstance use private and confidential information for public marketing efforts. Such private and confidential information include:

- NRIC or personal identification numbers

- Payment information including information such as name, address, representative of your bank or financial institution

- Personal address, unit number and other information regarding your home location 

(B) Third parties

Depending on the type of data, third parties may process the data provided. By ‘third parties’ we refer to Mobile Barber’s partners with whom Mobile Barber has entered into a contractual relationship.

Unless specifically stated, such ‘partners’ will include

- Payment service providers

- Website builders

- Software providers

- Training providers

- Auditors

C) Breach

In the event that your personal data was subject to an unwilling leakage, or illegally obtained through security leaks or cybercriminal activities, Mobile Barber will inform you personally via phone, email or any other of their official communication channels.

In exceptional cases, Mobile Barber may also advise you to change or alter vital information such as login or password credentials. 

In cases, where particulars of individuals were affected or targeted, Mobile Barber will issue individual statements. Nevertheless, Mobile Barber may also inform other users that were not directly affected by the breach.