Irfan Nabyl

“Sleek cut love it! Irfan did a great job on my haircut. He made the experience a very comfortable one. Told him how I wanted my haircut to be and he instantly knew what had to be done. Will get his service again soon!”

— Alif, 22/08/20

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I want to become a barber because to me, barbering is something new and it’s satisfying to see my future client satisfied with the haircut!

I have huge ambitions to grow big one day.I love to see the transition and gradient of the fading, and love to see my client happy. I’ve just started my Barber journey, but I'm so enthusiastic and excited to learn more everyday, and so far it is progressing!

As a person, I highly value responsibility, kindness, growth and integrity, and these are the values that I am keen to display in my service. I can say that at first I will be awkward, quiet but as soon as I get along, I can be very loud and outgoing.

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I operate mainly in the West





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