Do I have to prepare anything beforehand?

Yes. We kindly ask you prepare a chair for your haircut. Please prepare your place for a haircut and keep any personal or unwanted items away. Our barbers will provide for everything else including barber tools, cleaning equipment and a cape to keep your area from getting messy.

When can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment at any time as long as it is 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time and booking. Available dates are subject to barber's schedules and previous bookings. If you are unable to book a slot, it means that there are currently no available barbers at this date & time.

Can I pick my personal barber?

Yes. You can book your barber via their own profiles as displayed on our website. You can book the displayed barbers according to their availability. We kindly appreciate if you would drop them a review after your haircut.

Do I have to clean up after the haircut?

No. Our barbers are equipped with the necessary items to ensure hygiene during the haircut and a fuzz-free area after your haircut is done.

What is a Gentleman's Haircut?

A Gentleman's Haircut is classic Men's haircut with fades at the side and a sleek comb-over to look clean and professional.

What does a Senior Citizen Haircut include?

The haircut for Senior Citizens is a clean and proper haircut for citizens above 60 years. When you make a booking, please let us know if you require special assistance or if we need to prepare anything beforehand.

Can I go to the barber's house for my cut?

Yes. If you know your barber from a previous haircut you can book the requested barber as per normal. When filling in your details use your barber's address and let us know under 'Any special requests?' that you wish to go to the barber's house. (i.e. "I will go to the barber's house")

Does the price include transportation of the barber?

Yes, the price includes the barber's own transportation to your hosue. There is no surcharge for transportation.





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